Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introduction, Part II

I need your help deciding on a few things for this blog. To the three of you that read this, know that you are making some important decisions for the rest of my future readers (a number I estimate will reach several million within a few weeks). Some options:

Should I use this blog to showcase my own photography exclusively, or feature others' photography now and then?

Should I use this blog only as a photography display case, or also include informative tutorials and tips on how to make better photographs as I get better myself?

Less ranting, or more (like my last post)?

Feedback please. And also know that I'm always looking for feedback on my posts. I want to be continually improving, so if you have any photography tips for me, let me know. If you have any issues with the blog or how I run it, let me know. I want to appeal to my readers.

1 comment:

  1. probably your own exclusively, or at least only do other's pictures rarely. You should provide tips, but not neccesarily tutorials. Any amount of ranting is fine by me.


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