Friday, November 6, 2009

When Inspiration Doesn't Strike

Last post I discussed what you should do when you're somewhere that you can't bust out a camera, but the good ideas in your brain are reproducing like rabbits. Today's post will be about the exact opposite of that: what to do when you're holding a camera, but can't think of anything to take a picture of.

The answer is fairly obvious. If you write down the ideas you have as you have them, and carry a list around with your camera, you'll always have some to fall back on. For instance, one of the ideas I had yesterday in Calculus was an album entitled "The Matrix in Still Life." Today I got started on it. Here's the first completed picture of the set:

I used a rather gritty texture I exposed myself (I'll write a tutorial on how to get your own textures later, but for now, this one from Digital Photography School is excellent), gave the photo a greenish tinge, and added some motion-blur bullets for effect. Is it a little overdone? Perhaps. But if that's the reaction I get from the general community, I'll know to tone it down for the rest of the pictures that will be in the set. More to come!

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  1. maybe you should move the arms a bit, so that it looks like he is moving more? I dunno.


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