Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Kind of "Photography" I Hate

I may not be a professional photographer, but at least I try. Too many people (primarily teenage girls with a Nikon CoolPix) love to say that they're "really into" photography, without knowing anything about it. So I have compiled a quick list of things that make someone a real photographer.

1. Knowing how to use manual - Even if you aren't fortunate enough to have a camera that can revert to full manual, you should know how to use it.
2. Knowing how to edit photos - Not all of us can afford Photoshop. But there are freeware programs out there that can do the job just about as well (like GIMP). It's knowing the theory that counts.
3. Knowing the basic rules of composition - There is no excuse for telling people you're a photographer if you don't at least know what the rule of thirds is.

Along with this list, I have compiled a list of things that automatically disqualify anyone from rightfully bearing the title of "Photographer."

1. Relying on filters that are built-in to their camera - These were put on your CoolPix so that it would appeal to the teenage girls that buy the CoolPix. Not for real photography. If you want to change how your photo looks, edit it after you take it.
2. Taking MySpace pictures - When you hold the camera at an odd angle away from your body, tilt it 45 degrees, and take a picture of yourself pouting, you no longer qualify to be a real photographer.
3. Taking corny pictures - Specifically ones that feature the word "love" spelled out in human hands.
4. Using Piknik - Just don't. Ever.

With the rant section of this post concluded, I have taken a photo that accurately expresses my feelings about such awful photography.

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  1. LOL
    i *am* a teenage girl, who is into photography. i googled "love spelt with hands" and this pic popped up. i have used piknik and i have taken as you call it a 'myspace' picture of myself. but there's more to me than the generalizations you said. oh and btw, before writing stuff like this - read your own 'About Me'.


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