Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mix Up Your Point of View

We don't always get the chance to shoot at an unusual subject. In fact, the great majority of my pictures are of pretty average subjects. The challenge is in making an average subject into a great photo. One way to help accomplish this is mixing up your point of view.

Do something creative. Don't take a picture of flowers from above, take it from below. One way to help you come up with ideas for more interesting points of view is deciding on some other object to "be," rather than a guy holding a camera. How would a bug sitting on the top of a blade of grass see that fence in the distance? How would a child see that statue?

click to enlarge, or see it on Flickr

I don't have any specific idea of who's point of view this is, but it added some interest to an otherwise pretty boring subject. Aside from the slightly too high saturation, and more than slightly too high contrast (both mistakes I used to make a lot), I like this photo.

As always, I invite you to post links to any photos with an interesting point of view in the comments. Happy shooting!

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  1. Great advise.

    Here's mine:


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