Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello everyone. As you can see, I've decided to create a photo blog. It is called Nature's Mugshots because I'm obscenely creative. However, nature photography isn't the only type of photography I will be posting here.

Here is some stuff to remember when reading this blog:

1. This blog template can only support pictures that are not very wide. That's a crappy way to look at photography, so every single photo I ever post will be a link to a higher resolution image.
2. All of my photography is copyrighted. However, I'm not a jerk. So if you want to print a picture, just email me. I'll give you a full-resolution TIFF file. And don't worry, it won't have a watermark of my name on it or anything.
3. I just typed a whole big sales pitch to try and get you to commission me to take senior pictures and stuff. But then I deleted it. Because, come on, Andrew. So yeah. Never mind.

This should be the only post I have that doesn't actually include pictures.

By the way, check out my DeviantART account here. At this stage in the proceedings, I'm not sure whether or not I'll uploading only my best work here, and the "good" work to DeviantART, or some other arrangement. But I'll figure that out eventually.

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  1. Obscenely creative? Remind me to watch you closely on layout days.


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