Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using Reflections to Your Advantage

Sometimes, reflections can seriously hinder your photography (like when you're trying to shoot through a window and it's darker on the other side). But more often, reflections can provide a beautiful sense of symmetry.

When used correctly, a reflection will make your photo much more dynamic. Water in particular seems to reflect things beautifully, especially colors, but that's not the only thing. Reflecting things off of a curved mirror makes your subject more interesting, and catching a glare off of a shiny car window or something adds interest. Try experimenting with different effects you can achieve with reflections. Post links to any good images in the comments!

click to enlarge, or see it on Flickr

1 comment:

  1. Great reflection of the trees.

    My favorite reflection that I took this year is on my dotphoto account:


    I was able to take photos of a beaver swimming in a pond, with the fall colors reflecting off the water. The water almost looks like paint in some areas.


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