Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lightboxes = Professional

As I mentioned yesterday, I did do a number of product shots in a paper light box. I'm happy with how they turned out. Just as in this post, I'm continually impressed with the professional-looking results that you can achieve with 4 pieces of paper to diffuse the light.

click to enlarge, or see it on Flickr
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 0.8 seconds
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 100mm

I used the 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and a tripod that belongs to the newspaper staff. It was interesting shooting these, because I knew they all had to turn out really well. I wasn't just shooting for myself, it was a semi-professional job. As I had an odd mix of cloudy window lighting and overhead fluorescent, I had to manually set the white balance. Not a big deal, but it turned out excellent—I wanted to be sure the colors displayed were accurate.

So if you like what you see, head on over and check out my friend's business: Hopefully soon you'll see some of my photos on there, when she has time to update the site!


  1. This looks really great! Nice composition and DoF too! It definitely looks professional. I like the model shots from yesterday too. I bet she should be really happy with the shots!

  2. RLM tut:

    It's easy peasy. I've been doing it with my 50mm lens, with the focus ring extended all the way out. It seems to help. Supposedly you can do it with any lens, or even with two lenses (one attached properly, the other reversed), but I don't know how it works.


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