Friday, April 23, 2010

Time Lapse Sunset

Yesterday I went up to a high vantage point near my house, set up my tripod and intervalometer with fresh batteries, and attempted to time-lapse a sunset.

See it on Flickr

On the bright side, my intervals seem to have evened out. On the not so bright side, there wasn't much of a sunset last night, and I have some experimentation to do with exposure settings before I'll be able to get this right.


  1. The exposure seemed very consistent in this one. Good work. Now all you need is that spectacular sunset or sunrise.

    Do you connect the calculator via the usb connection?

  2. No, the Link Cable for the calculator and the cable release port on the camera both happen to be 12mm audio jacks.

  3. Yay! Much less choppy this time! What did you do to fix that? Was putting in new batteries enough?


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