Friday, May 7, 2010

Dry Ice Experimentation

I bought some dry ice today in an attempt to take some photos for this contest. I had a few ideas in mind, but unfortunately none of them worked out this time. The problem was, I had a pound and a half of dry ice left. So I was drinking a SoBe and figured I could cool it down pretty quick with some of the leftover dry ice. It worked. It also looked pretty cool.

click to enlarge, or see it on Flickr
Aperture: f/1.8
Shutter Speed: 1/80
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 50mm

Not a particularly great photo, but it was more for fun than anything. I really think this dry ice thing has some potential if I can figure out how to get the vapor to behave.

On another note, this bottle exploded shortly after this was taken. Turns out putting the lid on with dry ice inside will cause that. Good thing I foresaw that possibility and placed it outside. It was loud.

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  1. Dry ice is SOOOOO much fun! I know as a science teacher I should be more excited about the science behind it, so OK, fine - sublimation is COOL!

    I took some photos of my students and dry ice earlier this year - they put one in the yearbook.

    Don't know what you tried or what the contest is (haven't clicked the link yet), but for some really fun looks, try adding food coloring to some water and then add the dry ice - the vapor will remain white but it looks especially cool with different colors in different beakers. Also, if you can get your hands on an old fish tank, try playing around with some water in the bottom of that (or no water) and add food coloring if you want. The tank traps the vapor and concentrates it. You can float a balloon on top of the vapor too - much fun! /end ramble

    Anyway - cool shot! Glad you're OK after the explosion! Be careful!


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