Thursday, December 10, 2009

Featured Photo of December

This month's photo has been chosen from Flickr user YM_Arki's photostream.

click to enlarge, or see it on Flickr
© Carol South

This beautifully executed macro of a frozen rosebud illustrates much of the overlooked beauty of winter. If you have time, be sure to head over and check out her photostream. There are tons of great shots in there.

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  1. Awe shucks! I'm both honored and flattered to be your featured photo of the month!! A little story behind this one - these buds are actually in my neighbor's yard. I was up very early on a cold, frosty morning walking around her yard with my camera. Apparently she saw me through the window. Later that night at a neighbor's party she asked about it, said "those roses and flowers are all dead - I couldn't imagine why you were taking pictures of them." I told her that they were beautiful in the icy frost, up close, like sugar dipped candies. The next day I sent her the photos, shocked - she couldn't believe how pretty they looked, and that she didn't think to come out and look at them herself. She has since invited me to explore and photograph her exotic plants in her back yard whenever I want. Perhaps this weekend.. :) Thanks for the nod Andrew!


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