Monday, February 15, 2010

A Special Tutorial

This post will not feature any photos. Rather, this post is a great tip on how to make your (yes YOUR) blog better.

Think back to the last time you commented on someone's photo blog. Did you see one of these?

I bet you did (unless it was my blog, of course). Now ask yourself: was a CAPTCHA phrase necessary for this blog? If the blog in question has fewer than about 1000 readers, the answer to that question is "no."

Unfortunately, has taken it upon themselves to protect their users against insidious spammers that attack small-time blogs. So having a CAPTCHA phrase is a default setting.

Fortunately, after extensive research and much personal sacrifice, I have discovered a method that lets you deactivate it.

First, go to your dashboard. You should see something similar to this:

Click the "Settings" part. Now click here:

Scroll down until you find this:

Click the "No" button. Save your changes, and enjoy adding minuscule amounts of time to all of your readers' lives! Congratulations.

P.S. If this post seemed rude, it's not. Just somewhat sarcastic. I'm like that.


  1. Right on, my friend.

    A friend of mine only has like 30 readers and she was getting spam for some reason. But she still doesn't use a captcha. She does the "approve comments" thing. Which is still slightly frustrating, but not nearly as annoying as a captcha. I especially hate the ones where you put the comment in, and THEN the captcha comes up. So I think I already got my thingy posted, but then there's a whole extra step. It's like a sneak captcha attack.

  2. I have switched the captcha off a few times, and when I do I start getting spam again.

  3. Meh, I don't mind entering a captcha. It's just part of the process of commenting on a blog. I accept it as such. It doesn't take that much more time, and the captchas on Blogger are actually easy to read and enter.

    I don't have time to police my blog during the day when I am teaching, and I really don't want inappropriate spam on it, so captcha makes sense for me. I made a conscious choice to include it when I set up my blog (I don't accept anything as "default" - I go through every setting and make a decision.)


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