Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monthly Calendar

I read this great list on DPS today, and decided to take one of their suggestions: I'll be making a monthly calendar desktop for free download if anyone wants to use it. Whether or not anyone actually wants it, I still want to do it, so here's January's submission.

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Feel free to distribute as desired, this is free for anyone to use however they want. Also, if there's a monitor size anyone needs that isn't up there, let me know and I'll throw one together.

I'll try to get these up as close to the beginning of each new month as I can. Happy 2010!


  1. Great idea! That is a great list! I think I'm already doing many of the things, but some other good ideas on there as well! I like your calendar wallpaper idea! I tried the photobook this year as well - it was a gift for my husband journaling the building of his log home in Canada. I was very impressed with the quality of the book. I had fun making it too - it was fairly easy with their software (MyPublisher.com). Not sure if you can see this link, but feel free to look at it! http://www.mypublisher.com/?e=OHm3Q8zJl3T8fonToxLX_9ucsQSg0L0d&showForm=true

  2. Yes, MyPublisher always seems to be running a 2 for 1 special. It wasn't exactly cheap to make a 70+ page book, so I got the second one for free. Basically it was two books for $100. They were awesome to work with, great customer service and very quick turnaround. It was about 2 days from the time I uploaded everything to printing and out the door. You can download their tool to organize the layout of your book, and put everything in there, and then decide if you want to pull the trigger! Good stuff...


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