Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time Lapse Attempt (Failed)

A few days ago, I was taking macros of an amaryllis on the windowsill. Then I went outside to play with my new monopod. I didn't stay out long; maybe 5-7 minutes. When I came back in, the amaryllis had done a full 180° turn to face the sun.

Today, I decided to try and time-lapse it. I set up my tripod, got everything in order, and waited for the sunrise to begin. It started getting slightly lighter, so I started shooting at 1 photo per 8 seconds. Long story short, it was too cloudy for the sun to be seen at all, so the amaryllis pretty much stayed put. Even the slight movement you can see through the movie is due to heater vents blowing on it. I couldn't cover them well enough to prevent all movement.

See on Flickr

The moral of the story is, sometimes clouds are stupid. Oh, well.


  1. I think it's really cool that you published the failure.

    I wish you better luck next time.

    Maybe someone in the house played a trick on you the first time. lol

    This would be so cool if you had gotten it to work. Does your camera have an option to take the photos automatically at that time interval?

  2. Actually no, it doesn't. And it doesn't support a cable release either, so for time-lapses, I'm pretty much doomed to sitting there, using the camera timer to eliminate minute camera shake problems, and pushing the button every 8 seconds for 20-30 minutes. Usually I have someone to talk to though.

  3. I think one of the graduate students in our department does some time lapse work with her Nikon, but I think she has to connect it to the computer and control it there. I'll ask her.


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